As a society, we’ve come to expect our cell phones, cars, TVs, and other electronic devices to improve each year. The same applies to software, websites, and phone apps. We are constantly bombarded with the next release and the ‘New and Improved’ version of most things that we see in the market. Even in popular music, Beyonce sings about upgrading the person seeking her affections – *smile*.

But the important question to be answered: What are you doing to improve your skills, or your life in general?

Most manufacturers of consumer products have a roadmap for improving the features of their products with details about the improvements to be made and the timeline for making them available to the public.

What is your roadmap to improve yourself? What is your plan to upgrade to 2.0?


You 2.0 - Relentless Self-Development

You 2.0 – Relentless Self-Development

You may have acquired the highest level of knowledge for your given field of study. That may be a terminal degree, a certification, or maybe you have simply proven expertise as demonstrated through your mastery and accomplishments. Excellent and good for you. There is a quote which states that “the secret of success is not in how much you learn, but in never stopping learning.”

My question remains – what is your roadmap to improve yourself?

After all, the most important product on the market is You. That’s right, you are a product. You should have a mission statement, a brand, a marketing strategy, a differentiated product offering, and a roadmap for improving You, striving towards 2.0!

Although the focus of this post is your professional career, your roadmap doesn’t have to center around your occupation. Your roadmap may involve expanding your creative talents. I really enjoy and have a passion for cooking as well as music. My roadmap has milestones for learning to cook certain cuisines and it also has milestones for my learning to play the guitar – which is far more difficult than the rockers make it look.

Coach Clinton You 2.0 Roadmap

Coach Clinton You 2.0 Roadmap

I personally use Microsoft PowerPoint to create my roadmap, but any graphical tool will do. To create your own roadmap follow these steps:

  1. Identify your goals
  2. Create categories for grouping goals together
  3. Create a monthly timeline for mapping your goals
  4. Create chevrons for each goal type and color code for the category
  5. Map chevrons to timeline

Contact Coach Clinton to work with you to create your You 2.0 Upgrade Roadmap.