I am sure that you are thinking – what exactly is Motivation Affirmation? At first glance, it appears to be a simple concept, then you start to over think it slightly, guessing that it can’t just merely be the combination of two words.

Well rest your your mind a bit because you are correct — in both instances. Motivation Affirmation is as simple a concept as you perceive it to be – it is the concept of using affirmation to motivate you; however, it also has additional underlying meaning.

Motivation Affirmation: The Little Engine That Could

The Little Engine That Could

To best explain the concept of Motivation Affirmation, I draw upon the childhood story of The Little Engine That Could. First I introduce the philosophy that ALL real world achievement flows from belief in possibility and ACTION. Simply stated, you must believe that you can accomplish a task and make an effort to actually complete it. Motivation Affirmation a metaphysical conviction that your positive words over your life situations will create the truth that you seek and bring those things into causality and existence.

The examples are all around in religion, fables, and life. Specifically in the story, The Little Engine That Could was asked to help pull another train up a very steep hill to assistance on the other side. As you are all familiar with the story, when asked, the engine’s reply was “I think I can.” Here the engine uses positive affirmation toward the challenge being faced. As the engine takes action with the belief that he will be successful, using all of his energy and effort to carry the large load over the steep hill, he plugs into his earlier affirmation as motivation for the task at hand by repeatedly stating…. “I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!” until the task is completed.

We are all little engines in our own worlds climbing the steep hills of life, but like The Little Engine That Could, once faced with seemingly insurmountable tasks, we should use positive affirmation as a way to motivate us to success. Identifying that statement or series of statements which will give us the drive and motivation we need to trek up the large hills in life and accomplish outwardly unconquerable tasks.

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