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Mind Map Example

Mind Map as a product of the Elevation Exceleration Coaching Program

Regardless of how organized the individual Coach or person being coached (Coachee), people are not linear thinkers. Because of this fact traditional note taking during a coaching session could become cumbersome for the Coach and introduce large gaps in responses for the Coachee. Mind Mapping is a great technique in coaching to help open things up to see patterns and themes emerge, it also helps both the Coach and the Coachee to gain new perspectives and new insights.

Mind Mapping is a useful skill because it helps the Coach and Coachee both learn more effectively about the Coachee.

By using Mind Maps, the structure of a subject can be quickly identified and understood. The visual output displays the way that pieces of information fit together, as well as recording the raw facts contained in normal notes.

Mind Maps help people to remember information, as they hold it in a format that their mind finds easy to recall and quick to review.

Coach Clinton Mind Map

Coach Clinton Mind Map

Mind Mapping has many uses within the coaching context:

  • As a focused brainstorm
  • Ideating product ideas
  • Brainstorming the coaching process
  • Fleshing out thoughts on resources to help build a business
  • Use as “Business Central” with major categories like Marketing, Promotions, Finance, etc.
  • Create a project-related mind map that shows all the components of a project
  • As an exploration of an issue
  • As a decision making tool
  • As a planning tool

Mind Mapping is a useful technique that helps you learn more effectively, improves the way that you record information, and supports and enhances creative problem solving.

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