When building the Coach Clinton brand, I started like most entrepreneurs by solidifying my business concept – a process commonly referred to as idea generation or ideation.

During the ideation phase, the concept of a coaching business became a clear direction for me because I really enjoy helping people and I thoroughly enjoy the social science of business. When determining the business name, I settled on Coach Clinton on the grounds that the alliteration component makes the name easier to remember and it has a cadence when spoken. This aids with increasing recognition.

Another aspect of my business concept centered on creating a brand for my actual coaching service. I felt that I needed to differentiate myself and that the branded name of a service was the best way.

When I think about the purpose of working with a Professional Certified Coach, I immediately think about the aspirational intrinsic factors which are tied to an individual’s desire to improve personal performance at a pace which is faster than they are personally capable of achieving on their own, hence to elevate themselves to a higher reference point at a quicker pace – leading me to resolve the phrase Elevation Acceleration. However, to accelerate only indicated going faster whereby excel is to perform extremely well; therefore I combined the two words into Exceleration, with Elevation Excelertation as the final branded service.

I then drafted a Creative Brief outlining my specification for use of the color orange as well as adjectives to describe the look and feel of my logos, icons, photography, and website.

Coach Clinton Accessories

Coach Clinton Accessories

Coach Clinton Pens

Coach Clinton Branded Pens


Next I acquired accessories to extend my brand beyond the logo design into my existing professional image, with incorporation into the website, social media, business cards, and pens.





Building a Brand includes:

  • Ideation of the business concept, product or service
  • Developing a Creative Brief which details the elements from art direction to the look and feel of the brand
  • Extend the Brand into all relevant and appropriate applications
    • Website
    • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
    • Business Cards
  • Execute the brand into tangible applications

    PowerPoint Template

    • PowerPoint Template
    • Photographic images
    • Personal Appearance
    • Physical Signs

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