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7 Steps To Accomplishment

7 Steps To Accomplishment


According to Wikipedia – a most credible and trusted source for information *smile* – a methodology is the systematic and theoretical underpinning for understanding which ‘best practices’ can be applied to a specific case, to calculate (or produce) a specific result. To demonstrate the analysis of my application of the field of coaching, I have created a custom methodology for assisting my clients in achieving their desired results.

Allow me to introduce the 7-Steps to Accomplishment. Note that for each step, the word defining the step begins with the letter ‘A’. I chose to begin each word with the letter ‘A’, because it is the highest grade awarded for scholastic achievement – something with which most of us are familiar. According to numerology, the number 7 is the seeker, the thinker, the searcher of truth. 7 is also the number which indicates completeness as there are 7 days in a week. Therefore I felt that it was important to have 7 steps by which you strive to make an ‘A’ until you accomplish your goal at step 7. This methodology was designed to assist with individual performance improvement and accomplishment.

Here is an outline of the steps in the Coach Clinton 7-Steps to Accomplishment Methodology:

Mind Mapping Phase

  1. Appraise – the process begins by evaluating every aspect of your life and assigning its contribution of value to your whole-self on your path to individual performance improvement
  2. Ascertain – working with together with you, a diagnosis is performed and together we determine a set of goals (short-term, medium, long-term), categorize them into themes and set priority for each theme

Plan & Execute Phase

  1. Approach – once goals have been identified, categorized by theme, and prioritized, we work to develop a plan for the highest priority item – identifying activities to realize each
  2. Avert – with the goal in mind, I create a custom ‘Motivation Affirmation’ statement to enhance your thinking process, your decision making, and your perspective. This will redirect you from negativity and focus you towards fulfilling your objectives
  3. Actualize – during this step, I work with you to maintain the cadence of accomplishment and increase accountability levels to ensure productivity – actualizing your goals and improving individual performance

Complete & Learn Phase

  1. Accomplish – this is where we stop to acknowledge your wins. We celebrate your small victories because this serves as fuel to continue progression
  2. Analyze Results – this is the last step in which we review each goal from conceptualization, through planning, execution, and completion. We seek to produce knowledge by learning from the process. You will glean more into your working style, your ability to overcome obstacles, and your ability to win despite the odds; thus improving your individual performance whether in your career at work or your personal business or as an executive leading a department or entire organization

Create success your way! Contact Coach Clinton to assist you with accomplishing your goals and improving your individual performance.